Kaapeli (Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo) is a property management company owned by the City of Helsinki. We own, renovate and rent old industrial premises for cultural use. The objective is to provide functional and inspiring spaces for different forms of culture.

Since 1992, we have owned Cable Factory in Helsinki’s Ruoholahti district, which is the largest cultural centre in Finland. Since 2008 we have owned the old energy generation area in Suvilahti, which is known for large public events and festivals, and from the start of 2020 also the former head office and manufacturing site of the Orion Pharmaceuticals company located at Nilsiänkatu 10, Vallila.

With the purchase of the N10, we manage almost 100,000 square meters in three locations in Helsinki. Additionally, the dance house construction project is complete and the Dance house will open its doors in February 2022.

Our company aims to develop properties for the long term and provide functional and inspiring spaces to meet the needs of artistic and cultural Actors and the creative industry. Our activities are run on a sustainable basis and enrich Helsinki’s cultural offering.

Our objective is to find Tenants who both contribute to developing the overall entity and support each other’s activities. Our company operates on its rental income with no external support.

We aim to promote a diverse cultural offering in Helsinki. Because of this, our rental pricing is staggered: for instance, studio Tenants only pay around 40% of the rent that commercial operators pay.

All of the company’s income is invested back into developing and maintaining the premises, with no distribution of dividends.

Our turnover is around EUR 6 million.

Environmental responsibility is a fundamental part of our activities and we are continually striving to lower our environmental impact. Our objective is to reduce the climate and environmental impacts of events and the buildings. We are continually developing our waste management and reducing our consumption of water, electricity and heat. We also compensate for all aviation emissions of our work-related travel. Cable Factory is part of the EcoCompass environmental management system.

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