Lizanne Atherly


Over the last decade, I have worked in financial markets both allocating capital to alternatives for family offices, and building out marketing + business development platforms for these financial boutiques. Along this journey, I have found my passion in helping them develop growth strategies and creating long-term partnerships for direct investing.

I’ve also built the Mind2Capital Tech Talks to help access a unique niche of fast-growing new technologies for old economy sectors. I help connect niche, high growth entrepreneurs to
smart capital and allow smart capital to access great ideas.

Minds2Capital invites family office investors to exclusive Tech Talks with successful technology CEOs. A platform to help build binding relationships by bringing together family offices, private investors, and technology entrepreneurs around technology themes in informative, succinct sessions. It is a unique and humbling position to be able to give entrepreneurs and family investors perspective from ‘both sides of the table’.

There is daily inspiration in helping businesses that have a disruptive and positive impact on the world tell their story and achieve long-term growth. I believe that value creation is driven by attracting both the expertise and capital that can help companies scale.

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