Est. 2022 – 2007

15 years of history

As the creator of organisations covering a wide area in Northern Europe, ArcticStartup Events has been serving since 2007 to meet the needs of both entrepreneurs and investors as much as possible. Over a total of 72 events bear ArcticStartup Events’ signature. 12 of them are Arctic15 events. During these events, more than 26,000 one-on-one meetings were held. Our events have seen more than 18,000 participants so far. The two-day events attract international crowds aside from the Baltics and Nordic regions. These events bring together startups, investors, entrepreneurs, media and influencers to make new connections or strengthen existing ones.

Thanks to the organisation built around 15 principles, we bring together people from many business areas from health to agriculture, especially technology and impact, under one roof. The backbone of the organisations is the Deal Rooms. The one-on-one meetings are a great way to showcase innovative ideas or find something to invest in.

Besides all, we are growing year after year with the contribution of the attendees since we draw the general framework of the events in line with their needs.

Our story

One day, an idea hit us so strongly that it forced us to build this organisation. We had to dance along the idea to change the things we all have been complaining about. The idea rises from a need to upgrade business meetings once and for all. The earth is moving with the time, inspired by such harmony and -yes, of course- technology. Change has an inevitably strong power over us that we have to follow its lead. Then, it was set: make meetings interesting and efficient!

So many fancy words and thoughts, right? So, what could we do about it? How could we change the things about events and meetings? What is holding us back? How can we make everything different? All those questions led to many new things: The Deal Room, speed-dating sessions, workshops, demo stand posters, training E-Mails, and much more.

Since we started to try new things and flourish with what we have been building, so many similar attempts have popped up. It is nothing but a pleasure for us, though. We lead the change in terms of business get-togethers, showing itself with startup events, professional fairs, small networking breakfasts, and many other ways to bring people together.

We offer an elegant hotspot for matchmaking and networking for all startup-investor ecosystems. And we are raising the bar via every single event of ours on the way to success in that mission.