Arctic15 Startup Conference 2024 Helsinki
Hamam Tech Summit | Investor Insider Meet-Up Istanbul
NORDEEP Sweden – Nordic Deep Tech Business Summit | Stockholm
TONIC Food Business Summit 2024
Bringing the world closer to the next big thing
ArcticStartup Events connects all from startup-investor ecosystems with its operations across Northern Europe. We offer an elegant hotspot for matchmaking and networking for all startup-investor ecosystems and raising the bar via every single event of ours on the way to success in that mission.

Arctic15 is focused on creating real value through connecting international investors, corporations, and startups

The center of the conference is not the speakers on stage as at so many, but relationship building. People just kept chatting.

Largest startup event in Finland in the spring time, heavily focused on matchmaking and business connections

Up Coming
There are too many events but not enough time to attend all. You need to discard most of them and participate in the ones that are most beneficial to you. To eliminate a massive amount of events, you do not have to drown in that pool. We have gathered some of the key events from which you can benefit at the very most.
Our Events
We are at the heart of hotspot in terms of the startup-investor ecosystem. We organise multiple events every year with the participation of very important figures in the ecosystem. Check out the ones near you.
TONIC Summit
Hamam Tech Summit
Santa's Chirstmas Pitch
Startup Days
Our 15 Principles
Arcticstartup events are not randomly built around a general idea or a need. We come forward with a motive, strengthening 15 principles that trigger the events' starting points and our approach while organising them. Here are our principles we build upon.
Our Stories
So far, Arcticstartup Events has witnessed so many deals, played a major role in a significant number of meetings and had some fun in the meanwhile. We have experienced delightful times in our events. Yes, we get together for business sake but it is not all business and numbers. We have so much to offer to the event participants and we come up with different innovative touches every single time. Here is some evidence that you can gain insight of what you will be experiencing.